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Sep. 2nd, 2004 @ 07:52 pm things I HATE about bitchy room mates...
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The Cruel Instruction of Pai Mai
2004-08-26 20:40 (link) Select
you know what sucks??

misunderstandings suck.

they suck even more when they lead to weeks of stand-offish silence. and even more when those weeks end in one person leaving. and even more when it's discussed, but you still can't hang out.
i miss you.
see...before things got all weird and retarded, i had someone to go on taco bell runs with. now i just send bert.
and before this bizzare-ness, someone else in this friggin' house watched witch hunter robin.
i got the set in the mail today. i just threw into high relief how shitty it is that you've been gone so long.
when you come to visit, we should go do the denny's thing.
or maybe i should just drive my ass to ionia, sometime between my two jobs and 19 credit hours. ::hugglez::

and i'm not the only one who misses you.

<~~side note...i cross-posted, because you wrote that you aren't using the xanga hay más.

Grrrr... it's bad enough she wants to screw my ex and effectivly brought about our end... now she pulls this you hurt me I want you to come home crap? can I say screw off? can she get that I think she's a snarky bitch? I want nothing to do with her and I might have been talked into getting back together with matt (although there's no chance in hell now) if it hadn't been for her.. god.. this is why I stopped dating chicks! they SUCK!`
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moi aussi
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Date:September 3rd, 2004 07:53 pm (UTC)
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She's a cunt, wonder if she'll reply to my bitch out session with her.

And another reason why people wonder why I have mostly guy friends, cause most (not all) but MOST of my friends that are girls are fucking cunts anyways and I end up stopping talking with the cause they're fucking stupid.

And I noticed, that my friends that are girls are tomboys or aren't the frilly girly girls either... that would explain a lot too.