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Sep. 3rd, 2004 @ 10:06 pm Friends Suck
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Needed to rant about this, cause I can't stand it when friends are stupid. I take a friend to the Warped Tour with me as I do every year, cause she knows that I get free tickets and backstage passes every time I go. Kevin Lyman the producer of the tour is a close friend of mine.

So I take her and while we're there, she wanders off to go get us food. In the meantime my cousin Noel who I also get backstage manages to get inside wearing a leather and metal spiked collar. Finally security sees it and tries to confiscate it, but I talk security into giving it to me, and that I would just put it away. They agree, but I didn't have anything to put it in, so I just held it till my friend got back (she had a purse).

It takes her 2 hours practically to return with the food, in the meantime I have already gotten a headache from waiting so long. And while she was away I placed the collar underneath the stage where it wouldn't get stolen and that I didn't have to carry it around with me and get it confiscated from me for still carrying it. So I go grab it when I see her and place it in her purse.

I forget to get it back at the end of the night, and go home. A few days later I call her up to see how she's doing and I just get her voicemail. She doesn't even call me back for a month, until I call her cause my cousin Noel wants to wear his collar for some festival he's going to.

Mind you as a sidenote to this, she has my ex on her buddy list from when him and I used to date and apparently forgot who he was on her list. She messages him asking who he is. He tells her who he is, and after knowing everything I went through in that World War III break up, she continues to talk to him like old times and like they're old friends who lost contact. I know this cause, him and I still talk and he pasted the conversation to me.

Even he was like... if it had been one of my friends and their ex was on my list and I found out who I was, I wouldn't act like nothing happened. That's pretty fucked up. The next day was the day that I called her. So not only did she not call me for that month after I left her a message, but doesn't even think to call me and tell me that she's talked to my ex (even if by accident). Nice eh?

So ok. I call her today to get this collar back. I leave two voicemail messages for her because obviously if you leave ONE she doesn't call back. She returns my call and is immediately bitching at me for being impatient and then starts bitching at me for not calling her for a month. What, her fucking fingers are broke? Apparently both her arms must have been in slings to not even call me when she talks to my ex acting like they're all buddy buddy.

Then she tells me "I don't even know where it is". What the hell does that mean? You gave it away? You loaned it out? You lost it? What? It's not like it's a grain of sand. What if something is in your possession for a month it's then thrown out cause you can't call people back?

So I ask her to call me back if she finds it and to call my cousin and let him know what's up. I had exaggerated that I needed it back tonight and my cousin was on my ass about it, but the ONLY reason why I did that is cause I knew she'd just blow me off about it, like it obviously seems like she's doing now even after emphasizing importance.

She calls my cousin and starts bitching at him on his voicemail for waiting so long to get his collar back. Then bitches at him saying "And you left it under the stage anyways". Which is a nice assumption on her part, I think I told her why I had it, but even if I didn't. I certainly didn't tell her he put it there, cause I'M the one that put it there.

So she's bitching at him for things he didn't even do. Then she pulls the whole drama queen act of "And I'm going to go pick up my kid right now..." to make him feel like a jerk for bothering her while she's picking up her kid.

And I'm just wondering why I have friends like this. She doesn't know that I know she talked to my ex that day. That in itself is just lovely. Cause if I had talked to her ex accidentally and was acting all buddy buddy with him after all he put her through, she'd be all up in my koolaid of saying how bad of a friend I was for doing that. But she's sweet as pie to mine knowing how much pain I went through with what he did to me.

So I think once I get the collar and my stuff back I'm letting this one go. No matter how much history we have together, I'm tired of her constantly bitching at me that I never call her but she NEVER calls me. I don't find it cool whatsoever that she talks to my ex and doesn't tell me about it. I don't find it cool that she's scolding my cousin for things he didn't even do.

This is the same friend that will get mad at me for some drunken foolin' around I did with a guy she apparently liked (but never told me about it). Expect me to KNOW she liked him even though she never told me, not speak to me for months and write me hate letters for it but feels it's within her right to keep fucking my ex-boyfriends.

Ex-Boyfriends of hers that Jen has slept with: 0
Ex-Boyfriends of mine that she has slept with: 2 (One of which my first love)

When did I find out about it? After the fact.

And people wonder why I barely have friends in Michigan. Cause they're fucking cunts, the lot of them 99% of the time.
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Date:September 3rd, 2004 07:31 pm (UTC)

to this I say:

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Dude, it's shit like this that makes me second guess on whether I should have fucking woken up in the morning.