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Jun. 18th, 2005 @ 01:21 am Interactive Advertisements
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I'm really sick of all the "interactive" advertisements on the Internet. You know the ones I'm talking about:

"Throw Stuff At Your Co-Workers And Win An Ipod!"

"Kiss Johnny Depp And Win A Cellphone!"

"Shoot the Paparazzi And Win An X-Box!"

"Beat Up George W. Bush And Win A 100 Gift Certificate!"

It amazes me just how stupid these marketing and advertising teams think the general public is. While granted there are a lot of stupid people out there, I can't imagine the stupid factor is that high where they need to invent new and creative interactive advertisements like this.

You don't -win- anything. You're sent to a site that makes you sign up for a bunch of spam, turn all your friends emails into spam receiving inboxes, and sign up for some product/service that has nothing to do with the prize you "won" in order to supposedly "win" the item they proclaim you to win.

It's advertisements like this that are specifically designed to trick you into thinking you're winning something. Someone, somewhere, at some company is thinking of new and inventive ways to trick you into doing their work for them. How sad is that?

Someone, somewhere, at some company is thinking of creative ways to deceive you into thinking you're winning something. Hell even the ones that make you guess which celebrity it is (when they block out something of their face or body) and if you guess wrong, you still magically "win".

It really is fraud. Yet somehow they manage to legally be able to trick and deceive the public into thinking they're winning something that they don't win. You have to -work- to get it, that's a completely different w word.

And the prizes? I'm really surprised Apple and Microsoft allow their products to be the bait in scamming advertisements like this. Oh technically it's not a scam cause they don't take your money. But it's a bullshit lie to say you win. And Apple and Microsoft lose class points in letting their products be the pawn of it.

The worst ones are the advertising slots that shake (to get your attention) and say you just won a million dollars or the like and to "click here to claim your prize".

Granted, I know the Internet becomes more of a free-for-all each day, but its shit like this that makes me want to take a baseball bat to the advertising and marketing firms that are too lazy, uncreative, unskilled, and complete schmucks that they can't find ideas outside of deceiving people. Is that what they teach you retards in college?

And for you idiots that fuel these companies, go play in traffic. Don't ask your friends to sign up for spam, don't sign up for spam, you don't -win-. If you want to "win" something, you don't have to sign over your soul and everyone you know's soul to win it.

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