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Jun. 18th, 2005 @ 01:24 am And I...
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And I... realize that you shouldn't start a sentence with "and" but I like doing it and then feel guilty afterwards for bad grammar.

And I... get annoyed with people who complain that I'm longwinded and my posts are long. What are they in a rush for? Hurry up to sit there in front of the computer? Heaven forbid you might have to read the detail that explains the point.

And I... hate it when my friends post blogs that just states physical actions of what they did all day.

Example: "So I went to school today, and I have so much homework I don't know what to do with myself. But somehow I'll manage. Then I went to the store with my friends and I got a cool belt, it's shiney. And tomorrow I have to deal with my grandma who gets on my nerves cause she thinks I need to blah blah blah blah blah"

That's not keeping a diary. That's keeping a schedule of where you've been in your life. And (see there I go again) maybe I'm jaded in the fact that when I write posts in my blog I write about how I've felt in whatever situation I've been put in.

Even if I'm not -out- anywhere, just what's going on inside my head. I'd rather know what's up there then you telling me that at 8:05pm you were at the music store buying the new 50 Cent cd.

I'm sure people look at my posts and have issues with how or what I write. But (I like to do that too, start sentences with 'but' as well) at least I switch it up and it's not just ONE style of writing.

I find it funny that when I'm in my "Sorrow is an endless muse" mode, I get people coming out of the woodwork to comment on my posts.. but the moment I write a short story they completely ignore it.

And I... am sick of dealing with guys who think that because I talk to them I want them. I'm not a beat-around-the-bush type of person, if I want you, you'll flat out know. So stop fucking assuming just cause I talk to you, that I want you rocking my socks in bed. Really, get over yourself.

And I... get annoyed with people who purposely keep themselves in the dark about the world around them. Now, let me clarify. I don't expect that everyone should be reading the news constantly to find out everything that's going on.

But I expect people to have some idea of what's going on. The whole "it doesn't effect me" excuse is over-done. Or "I hate politics" excuse is really just another way of saying "I don't understand it". And I certainly don't expect everyone to understand politics unless they're a politician.

To put it bluntly, you're the type of person that doesn't vote or finds out what your government is doing till it's too late and then we have laws like the Patriot Act that take away the rights you think you deserve but because you don't like politics you don't even know they're gone from you now.

And I... on the other hand hate those types of people that get so caught up in the events of the world they forget how to just live. You're the other end of the extreme that can't find a balance between things. You complain so much that I'm sitting there wondering... are you ever happy? Can you find happiness in a milkshake that you had earlier in the day?

And I... hate when I see myself in other people. I mean the me that I don't like about me. Either the me that I no longer am, or the me I wish I wasn't. Because this is something I can find in people really easily, I'm so accustomed to it from myself.

And I... hate it when all someone can see in me is my looks. Don't get me wrong, I don't think I'm all that and a bag of chips and this is an annoyance based on that. This annoyance is when I'd rather someone see that I have a beautiful soul instead of a beautiful face. Because a beautiful soul is much more rare.

And I... really wish that I believed in myself because then I wouldn't be so critical about the feedback I get on my writing. I can't tell if people tell me I'm a good writer because they feel obligated to tell me that, or if they really -like- what I'm writing. And if it was written by someone else that wasn't your friend... would you say the same thing?

And I... want to make out again. I miss making out. There's no guilt in making out with someone. Haha, you don't wake up the next day saying "Oh god what was I thinking?"

And I... think people who go to great lengths to rip on bands or musicians because they think they sound too much like another band or musician need to realize that it all derives from something/someone in the past anyways.

"Omg The Killers sound like they totally are ripping off Duran Duran..." And of course Duran Duran had no influence on -their- music. Which means any and all arguments of this sort are null and void.

And I... want more friends in my state that want to be -friends- and not hopeful that I will be more than that. If I wanted a fan-club, I'd start one. Not that I think I have any criteria to have one, but alterior motives never turn anyone on or change their mind for that matter.

And I... am tired of people that want me to read something they're interested in, but if I ask them to return the favor they give every excuse in the book as to why they can't.

And I... need to go on a diet. I want to eat healthier since I've never eaten healthy in my life. And if one more person suggests that stupid Atkins diet I'm going to shoot them in the face with a big wad of carbs. I don't care if the diet works to remove weight, you sacrifice a high cholesterol level for the sake of being skinny. That is NOT healthy.

And I... think I'm done venting now.
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