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Jun. 18th, 2005 @ 01:25 am Time Travel
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Time Travel

Who needs science to find a way for us to hop in a souped up DeLorean and race at light speed towards the wire strewn across the street as the clock strikes twelve when we can reverse time all on our own?

After reading this article http://www.metrotimes.com/editorial/story.asp?id=7648 , it makes me think that somehow... society has managed to dupe science. I am talking about ages past when we lived in a segregated society where people weren't "the same". There were bathrooms for blacks/African-Americans, and bathrooms for whites.

Which on a sidenote, please refer to my ethnicity as French-English-Irish-German-Native-American if I have to refer to you as such. Because to be honest, how many "African-Americans" have even been to Africa or were actually born in Africa? I can trace my roots back to all of my listed nationalities, I even have family in England.

Do I actually expect you to use the list of what type of American I am? No. Why? Because that's what being "American" is. We're the melting pot, we're the epitome (or at least before 9/11) of a land of "refugees" who sought a better life then the countries they lived in provided. The only group exempt from that would be "Native Americans", since they weren't until we raped them of their land and their lives till they became refugees on their own soil. But that's another story for another time.

What's wrong with this picture? I feel like that children's program where they sing the song "One of these things is not like the other". After reading this article and you feel I'm incorrect in my understanding, by all means correct me. But, here's the deal I think. There is a new wannabe "Black Panther" group that is twisting or molding two different ideologies to suit their needs which includes, but to be fair is not solely based on, segregating races again.

So under this ideology we should all be sectioned off by skin color. Because in this country, if you're born here, it's not by culture or nationality, because you've grown up in American culture whether you like it or not. This is based on pigmentation of skin. By science definition pigmentation of skin is determined by the amount of pigment granules in the cells of the body tissues.

I'm just a regular joe without vast knowledge in this area of science, but I'm assuming that the actual size of the granules are pretty small. Something that we can't count the number of because it's that small should be the deciding factor of where we live, who our neighbors are, and who can run businesses in the area we live? Is there something I'm missing?

It's Just Business

In the mentioned article there was a very disturbing quote that I found.

"Jewish-owned businesses are everywhere in the black community, profiting from African-Americans, and they need to leave. In that regard, though, his views are not limited to Jews. The way he sees it, whites, Arabs, Chaldeans also all need to shutter the businesses they operate in black neighborhoods.

He assumes by doing this it will benefit the community. But lets take a closer look at what pulling out businesses in a community actually does to a community. I'll do this in simple terms because even I get lost in numbers.

Businesses create jobs which create money which is spent back in the cities that they're located in. Easy enough right? The local grocery store or convenience store that is located in your city provides jobs not just for the owners, but those who keep the shop open. As it's obvious that one person cannot run these types of businesses on their own.

And these employees in turn spend their money in the city they live in. If you're going to work at a corner liquor store, you're not doing it because it's your career choice. You do it because it's conveniently near you or because it's a form of income. So for all general intents and purposes, people who work these type of neighborhood stores are going to put the money back into the neighborhood. Great, let's shut them down then.

Currently Michigan has the highest unemployment rate in the U.S. at 7.5%. Though some sources have been noted as saying that it's dropping. Not because new jobs are forming mind you, but because people have given up looking for jobs therefore they're off the radar. So this would benefit a city to shut down stores that give jobs to people.

Ok so now some people might say... "What if it's only all Arab run?" Fair enough then, lets discuss the reason why the store is there in the first place. Grocery stores provide food, drug stores provide a place to fill prescriptions, convenience stores provide the convenience of being able to get products fast and at odd hours, etc etc.

They all have a "reason" for their business. So lets close down a grocery store if it's only run by Arabs so that people have to go farther to get their groceries. Lets not worry about the smaller statistics of those who benefit from a local grocery store nearby them if they're without transportation to get to a further one.

And lastly, businesses in Detroit (and Michigan generally) have to pay taxes. I am not an accountant or anything, but when I took a gander into things I noticed that not only do you have to pay a 'single business tax' to the state if your business generates over $250,000... but you also, when starting your business in Detroit, have to register for "city taxes". What this means is that the money the owner pays into these taxes again goes back into the community. So by all means, shut them down.

Maybe he hopes that if those that are not black that own businesses in "black neighborhoods" leave, it will give more opportunity for those who are black to do so. But is it really the non-blacks that own businesses that are stopping blacks from starting their own business?

Or is it money that stops them, that stops anyone from starting a business? Starting a business requires "start-up" capital, and I have to ask the question of what that has to do with someone of any other color but black who got their own start-up capital. This is starting to stink of a socialism view the more I delve into it.

With The Bad Comes The Good

This article also listed the unique tactics of the new founded group to help keep their communities from falling into the cracks of just another statistic generator. Creative ideas like marching in front of well-known drug houses in an attempt to drive out the drug dealers that occupy them. And the numbers show that it does work.

With neighbors that file out onto the nearby sidewalks to watch, attention brought on residences that don't want the spotlight on them, and police cars nearby to keep an eye on the activities... sounds like an interesting approach to stopping crime in neighborhoods.

They're firm believers in bringing back the "nosy neighbor" saying that while nosy neighbors can get annoying at least while having one, they are watching what is going on outside of your home, helping to keep criminals from doing things such as stealing because they have an audience.

They have become actively involved in getting people registered to vote. They even stand up for the rights of voters by doing things like protesting outside Detroit City Clerk Jackie Currie’s house "to draw attention to what they felt might be voter disenfranchisement in the 2004 elections."

Schools are visted to teach young kids how important a good education means. And schools are not the only places visited, they even visit homeless shelters to reach out to people.

They've also been known to march outside of grocery stores that sold spoiled food and helped close some 10 stores down that were found doing so.

But in doing all the "good" activities they do, is it worth their extremist ideas of a separated society where only one color controls the real estate in sectional pieces of the city/state/country? Does the good erase what some would see as reverse racisism?

United Segregation

I find such irony that ideas from people like the man in this article are shared by the same type of groups they love to hate. Another interesting read I found, http://www.kkk.bz/just_for_kids.htm , a KKK kids section. Here's a few quotes between each, the article and the website.

The Metro Times Article
"What he wants, ultimately, are separate societies, segregated on the basis of skin color. Whites here, blacks there, brown-skinned, red-skinned and yellow-skinned people there, there and there, each in control of their own pieces of real estate."

KKK Website For Kids
"Just because there are nice black people doesn't mean whites and blacks should mix together.

All the races in the world are different. That is OK because that is how God made them. He didn't make all the people the same. If God wanted all the people in the world to mix all up and become one brown race than He would have made them that way in the beginning. But God didn't make everyone the same. We are all different."

Two extremists from completely different sides are united in their want for seperation. So lets just take that one step further shall we? Why stop at color? Why not continue with this idea and separate the old from the young. Let's stop paying for previous generations' social security, lets keep our money to our own age groups.

How about we continue in this time machine and separate the north from the south again. It's blatantly obvious by the 2004 elections that the north firmly disagreed with the south in the choice for the president. The north wanted Kerry, the south wanted Bush. We could even bring back the good old days of the civil war and slaughter each other to prove which is right and which is wrong.

We could separate the gays from the heterosexuals that way we won't have people bickering over what is right and wrong in the eyes of their God anymore. Even better we could separate men from women. It's not like women haven't been oppressed by men in the past. In a male-free society women wouldn't have to worry about things such as being paid less for the same job a man holds. Right?

Why draw the lines at color? Let's just separate everything. That'll solve the world's problems.

The Metro Times
The Detroit City Website
KKK website for kids
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